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Local SEO and Location Listings

Turn maps, voice assistants, GPS apps and local directories into one of your best marketing channels.

Whether a potential customer searches for you business by name or searches for the products and services your company provides, it is crucial that your company is visible with correct and complete information.

Capture and Convert More Local Business with Location Listings

If it’s easy for buyers to find and contact your business, your opportunity to make a sale increases dramatically. In addition to optimizing your Google Maps listing, we ensure that your company shows up on Alexa, Apple, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Mapquest and more search engines that provide map features. We also list your business on auto navigation, local business directories, GPS apps and local marketplace sites and directories.

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How It Works

Local listings optimization is based on the idea that search engines want to supply the most useful information to their users. For that reason, Google and other search engines constantly introduce modifications and changes to their algorithms to make everything better for the people using their service. With local map optimization, we make sure that search engines find your contact information and address useful. By creating a local listing for your company, you can greatly increase the number of impressions you get online, which will increase sales as well.

When we optimize the local maps, profiles and listings for your company, we:
  • Research what keywords your target population is searching to find you
  • Include pertinent keywords into your map listing profile
  • Add relevant categories that apply to the goods you sell and services you provide
  • Post relevant coupons or promotions on your listing
  • Include your website link to make it easy for clients to visit your site
  • Assist you to solicit good reviews from your customers, which is crucial to engaging new customers

Because Google and other search engines change so often, we make sure to stay on top of trends to give you the best return on your investment.

If you are ready to get local listings and map optimization for your business, call Adaptive Marketing now!

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